Choosing the perfect scent to chase the blues away

Autumn is definitely here! The days are getting shorter (don’t forget that the clocks go back on Sunday 25th October) and there’s a chill in the air. Winter isn’t far away and with everything that is going on in the world, many of us may be in need of a little something to lift our spirits!

Fragrance is one of the most effective mood shifters, with certain ingredients having particularly therapeutic effects. In fact when we inhale perfume, the odour molecules link directly to the limbic system in the brain where feelings, moods, emotions and memory are processed. So whether you looking for something to calm and relax or to uplift and invigorate, fragrance is the key:


Sweet and warming, it’s no surprise scientists have found that the scent of vanilla induces feelings of comfort and relaxation. Try Jeroboam Insulo for an intense vanilla hit or Berdoues Vanira Moorea for a fruitier take on this delicious ingredient.


Long renowned for its relaxing and sleep inducing properties, lavender is an aromatherapy essential one of the most calming notes in perfumery. Eight & Bob Egypt opens with this most aromatic of top notes, while Prudence Miobor combines lavender with bergamot, orange and cardamom.


A tiny flower but one with impressive credentials when it comes to therapeutic properties, jasmine is proven to boost mood and help calm the nervous system. We love BohoBoco Coffee White Flowers with its heart of finest jasmine or Alex Simone Villa Simone, a fragrance that immediately transports us to the sunny South of France – what could be more ‘feel good’ than that?


Inhaling rose can be a direct root to a sense of calm and mental clarity and who are we to argue with so many beautiful rose scents to explore? Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose offers a rose in its purest form or for something a little different try Ella K Memoire de Daisen-In and be transported to Kyoto, Japan.


For the ultimate energising hit the perfect citrus scent can be a game changer, raising cognitive performance and reducing stress. Citrus notes also remind us of sunshine and the warmer days to come which can be a great boost during the winter months. Histoires de Parfum This Is Not A Blue Bottle 1.6 is a mouth wateringly zingy citrus hit while Goldfield and Banks Bohemian Lime introduces the Australian Finger Lime, previously unknown in perfumery

Make fragrance a part of your daily ritual and allow the mood enhancing benefits of scent transport you to a whole new space and time.


Sharon Whiting, PR and Communications Manager

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