It’s world candle day!

March is here and it certainly marks a reason to smile! Not only is it the beginning of Spring but it’s also World Candle Day. A day dedicated to show how candles can be used throughout the year to create a unique atmosphere, from being calming to celebratory.

It is scientifically proven that scented candles play an essential role in the physiological effects of our mood, stress, and overall mental health. The calming effect of candlelight is such a simple tool to reduce stress and the mesmerising flickering light can be incredibly soothing.

Next time you have a soak in the bath, why not turn off the lights and light your favourite candle!  Alternatively, try adding one to your working from home space, and spend a few minutes looking at the soothing flame whenever you are feeling stressed or just in need of a break!

So, whatever your reason for buying a candle, here are our top suggestions:

Matthew Williamson Palm Springs Candle

Matthew Williamson candles are sure to bring colour and vibrancy to your home. Each fragrance has been refined with high quality raw materials sourced from all around the world.

Palm Springs offers fragrant white roses and delicate jasmine flowers. Vanilla, leather, and musk offer depth whilst the top notes evoke a fresh summer breeze.

Eight & Bob Tanganika Candle


Every Eight & Bob candle is handmade using artisan craft processes and made from 100% vegetable wax. Not only do they smell gorgeous, but they're also environmentally friendly, it's a win- win! 

It has top notes of Calabrian bergamot, orange, a heart of rose, jasmine and iris with a base of patchouli, musk and cedarwood. 

The House of Oud Timeless Candle

The House of Oud has extended its collections by creating handmade candles, each a masterpiece. They are glamourous, luxurious and will brighten up any home! They also last for approximately 120 hours!

The Timeless candle has bergamot, lemon zest and saffron which give way to a heart of palo santo, ylang-ylang and myrrh before a base of vanilla, benzoin, amber and sandalwood. 

Ella Warwick- Junior Digital Communications Executive

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