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Alex Simone diffuser

Want to create a calm and relaxing space in your home this Winter? Well, look no further, we have rounded up our favourite home scents to add the finishing touch to your cosy night in.

We have a selection of gorgeous candles, diffusers and room sprays to make your home smell delicious for the colder months…

First up, we have Sensori+ Wiruna Night air detoxifying mist. Rather than just masking the scent, this mist decomposes harmful airborne toxins and neutralises odour. With a blend of ginger, balanced with a touch of citrus and calming notes of native Australian sandalwood, it’s a must-have mist in your home this Winter!

Next up, the one-of-a-kind Jack Covent Garden 300ml candle. This candle fills the room with a gorgeous scent of orange, lime and ginger with a heart of pink peppercorns, rose and pimento. The ideal addition to your cosy, hug-style, night in.

The Alex Simone Indecent diffuser is based around notes of Strawberry and Black Pepper. This diffuser creates a surprisingly explosive but elegant scent and is sure to get people talking when they walk through your door.

The Eight & Bob Telluride Candle is one of our all-time favourites! With top notes of lemon and caramelized apple and base notes of vanilla and sandalwood this is a must have to make your home cosy and smelling delicious this Winter.


Becca Larkin, Digital Communications Manager

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