Mouth-watering Thanksgiving scents

Le Delicieux

Thanksgiving may not be a traditional celebration for us here in the UK but it’s huge in the US and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t join in the fun! Since it was declared a national holiday in 1863 (although the origins date back much further), Thanksgiving has been a time for families to gather together and eat delicious food. American foodie blogs (we like Half Baked Harvest) are full of mouth watering images with ingredients like caramel, cinnamon, orange zest, apple and burnt sugar featuring heavily.

These delicious ingredients also regularly make an appearance in some of the most edible (well not quite but almost!) fragrances around. So why not treat yourself this Thanksgiving?

Nejma – Le Delicieux

Opening with a juicy citrus bite, it’s the base notes of caramel and vanilla combined with amber and patchouli that make this fragrance just so more-ish!

THoO – What about Pop and Keep Glazed

We can’t choose between the utter deliciousness of salted popcorn, caramel and vanilla in What About Pop and the crazy sugar rush of Keep Glazed with its delicious blend of mango, coconut, ginger and lemon.

Eight & Bob - Annicke 5

A heady combination of honey, rum and plum make this completely addictive scent one of the ones we can’t get enough of!

BohoBoco – Coffee White Flowers

Cacao, golden rum and vanilla = totally irresistible! New kids on the block Bohoboco love working with unusual combinations to create extraordinary, unforgettable scents.

Amouroud – Silk Route

Like a festive liqueur, Amouroud Silk Route is as luxurious and warming as the ingredients it contains. Think star anise, clove, ginger, tonka bean, incense and vanilla.

Rose Arabia - Almond

From the top notes of mandarin, raspberry, plum, coconut and almond to the base of musk and vanilla, Rose Arabia Almond is like a warm embrace on a cold November day. Perfect for your Thanksgiving feast and beyond.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Sharon Whiting, PR Manager

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