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Music is a passion shared by many who think that it is essential in their everyday lives. Many people also believe that wearing fragrance daily is essential. 

What if these two passions were brought together?

Pierre Guguen, creator of L’Orchestre Parfum has done just that. Unlocking the sensuous alchemy between music and perfume, allowing us to experience our fragrance in a completely different and unique way - through music.

How? The musician is briefed to create a musical composition, then the perfumer, taking their lead from the music, creates the scents - the results are simply enchanting.

The first fragrances were inspired by eight musical virtuosos. But this summer offered an exciting divergence - to enter the electronic phase.  Unable to dance together in a club or at a festival, we were invited to combine music and fragrance in our homes.

Envisage being on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a relaxing cocktail watching the sunset? Electro Limonade is the perfect blend of lemon, clementine and Italian bergamot which dance alongside rebellious mint and playful cocktail bubbles.  Fizzy and sparkling, this fragrance will keep you dancing into the early hours.

Bouquet Encore on the other hand is described as a narcotic floral.  Sensual, carnal and addictive.  Inspired by irresistible techno waves it is much darker than its partner, surrounded by luxurious vanilla from Madagascar and hypnotic musks.

At the other end of the musical spectrum, Andrea Casotti, founder and creator of THoO is passionate about opera and so it is no surprise that his latest fragrance creations are a celebration of two enchanting voices in the operatic world - Nino Machaidze and Guido Loconsolo.

The result is two completely different intense and intoxicating fragrances, which exude distinctive personality, and are simply captivating when worn together, try it, you will be smitten. Up to the Moon and Get the Feeling hand us the gift of experiencing fragrance from a new perspective.


The House Of Oud, Get the Feeling fragrance bottleThe House of Oud, Up to the moon Fragrance Bottle

Louise Ross, Head of Marketing 

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