Nostalgic perfumes to remind you of your favourite holidays...

Like everyone else, we have only been able to dream of travelling to distant places this past year! Not surprisingly we are absolutely counting down the days until we can next hop on a plane, feel the sun on our skin, sand between our toes, drink cocktails by the pool bar or wander the streets of our favourite cities……

And while it is true that we may all still have to wait a little longer to enjoy our favourite holiday destinations, there is another way! Perfume has the power to transport us to the places we love so we’ve put together the best nostalgic scents guaranteed to put us into holiday mode!

Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss

Experience a moment of pure bliss with Pacific Rock Moss, an invigorating fragrance with a distinctive marine note, laced with aromatic essences that take you on a lush New South Wales coastal walk on a beautiful summer’s day.

Eight & Bob Annicke 1

Annicke 1 is a stunning floral woody musk that evokes an idyllic summer’s evening in a Viennese garden, making it the perfect scent for romantic sunset walk. The floral purity of lily of the valley is balanced with accords of jasmine and white musk.

Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Creations Cupola

Be transported to the sun-baked streets of Florence with this magnificent unisex eau de parfum. The sunshine on the cupola of the cathedral is reflected in the subtle freshness of vivid tangerine and green angelica with the softness of leathery saffron. Earthy, sophisticated orris, incense and Labdanum Clear form the heart while resinous warm amber, dark patchouli and smoky gaiac wood round out this beautiful fragrance.

Alex Simone Après Vous

Après Vous evokes an evening at the bar of The Grand Hotel on the French Riviera. The opening powdery accord combines with white cedar and coconut milk to transport you to an atmosphere of luxury and refinement. A rich heart of iris, wallflower and sandalwood gives way to an elegant and sensual dry-down of precious woods, vanilla pods and amber in this sophisticated eau de parfum.


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