Our top 4 picks for Sensori+

Now, more than ever, we are seeking brands and products that add value to our lives – physically, emotionally and environmentally. Luckily for you (and for us!), Australian wellness brand, Sensori+ has come along, exactly when we need it most.

Here are my top 4 recommended products:

Air Detoxifying mist - £52 100ml/ £21 30ml

This product really is something special. Using ChlorusPure patented technology, this air mist does exactly what it says on the bottle… it detoxifies the air. Whether it’s to give the house a quick freshen or to neutralise the air around a new-born baby, this innovative product is an absolute must for every home. Add to bag!

Sensori+ Air Detoxifying mist

Hydra Detox Sanitiser - £31 100ml/ £13 30ml

Well, this an obvious one! Not only does this range smell beautiful, it’s also formulated with 75% sugarcane distilled alcohol and plant-derived moisturising agents (no more dry hands, yay!). This effective yet hydrating formula kills 99.9% germs on the skin surface, leaving hands clean, soft and fresh. Yes please!

Sensori+ Hydra Detox Sanitiser
Hand Immune Booster - £25

Who doesn’t love a hand cream? Well, this one is pretty special – available in three different scents (and how gorgeous are the tubes?) this is a rich and protective formula infused with plant derived keratin, multi vitamins and probiotic kombucha to boost the skin’s defence system and to protect against natural aggressors. No brainer, an absolute must.

Sensori+ Hand Immune Booster



Detoxifying Soy Candle - £52

This is the world’s first detoxifying candle – if that isn’t enough to make you want one then perhaps the beautiful packaging will help to sway you. This range of candles mimics the technology found in the Air Detoxifying Mists – whilst burning they are designed to eliminate malodours at molecular level, leaving your space purified whilst smelling like a spa retreat. Say no more!

Sensori+ Detoxifying Soy Candle
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India Smith, PR & Communications Manager

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