Our top uplifting January scents!

January Scents

January! It’s a hard month to love! Terrible weather, the Christmas comedown, the sheer length of it (31 days people), the life admin……and that’s all before the advent of C19! So be kind to yourself, use those long evenings for some self-care, wear your best clothes (no more saving for best!) and spray your most uplifting fragrance – we promise you’ll feel better for it!

In fact fragrance is proven to be one of the most effective mood shifters, with certain ingredients having particularly therapeutic effects. When we inhale perfume, the odour molecules link directly to the limbic system in the brain where feelings, moods, emotions and memory are processed. So whether you are looking for something to calm and relax or to uplift and invigorate, here are our top five mood enhancers:

1. Annicke 1 by Eight and Bob

This exquisite fragrance has a heart of finest jasmine, a tiny flower with amazing mood boosting and calming credentials.

2. Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield and Banks

Citrus notes transport us to the sunnier, warmer days to come, a great boost during the winter months. Pacific Rock Moss opens with a hit of zesty Italian lemon and the aquatic smell of the ocean!

3. Midnight Rose by Amouroud

Breathe deeply and let this intense rose fragrance lead you to a place of calm and mental clarity, something we are all searching for right now!

4. Hundred Silent Ways by Nishane

Need a dose of something sweet? The delicious vanilla dry down of this extraordinary floral gourmand scent induces feelings of intense comfort and relaxation.

5. 1725 by Histoires de Parfum

And so to bed…..legendary lover Casanova was the inspiration for 1725 so it is fitting that it should have a heart of lavender, renowned for its relaxing and sleep inducing properties!

Suddenly January doesn’t look so bad after all!


Sharon Whiting, PR Manager

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