Review time: Merumaya skincare

As well as the brands that we distribute and sell on our site, we also like to keep an eye on and champion other fabulous things that we see, be it a product, service or retailer. This week we are looking at skincare brand Merumaya:

Fragrance may be our first love but skincare comes a close second, especially when it comes from a place of passion and integrity!

Created by entrepreneur Maleka Dattu, Merumaya is a range of evidence-based, sensorial skincare designed to make skin look and feel its very best! Merumaya’s mission is to promote positivity, inspiration and happiness – so far so wonderful! So what’s the story? In a former life Maleka was a top-flight executive at some of the world’s largest cosmetics brands. On intimate terms with the mechanics of the skincare trade, she knew she wanted to do things entirely differently when it came to her own brand. She wanted her customer to be central to every decision, she wanted to over-deliver, not over-promise. Instead of hope in expensive jars, she wanted to sell results in simple tubes. She spent her development money not on packaging and marketing, but on the best scientists and formulators, on ingredients at active concentrations and delivery systems backed up with clinical proof.

The result is a highly effective and very accessible skincare brand that has received rave reviews. That’s the kind of success story we like!

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