Scenting your home this summer – our top 5 picks!

The weather in the UK is absolutely beautiful at the moment, we’re so lucky! It makes it just that little bit easier to accept that we (probably) won’t be going away for our annual summer holiday. But why not bring a little bit of summer holiday to your home?

We have a wide selection of candles, room diffusers and sprays & air detoxifying mists – but where to start? And how can you create that summer feeling in your home?

Here are my top 5 home fragrance products this summer:

  1. Alex Simone, Mystique Diffuser - The Mother of all room diffusers! This room diffuser is absolutely stunning, a real show stopper. It takes inspiration from the exclusive Caribbean island, Mustique – with fresh citrussy notes of Bergamot and Shiso. I would highly recommend this room diffuser, not only for its beauty and elegance, but the scent is absolutely divine and takes you back to sun-kissed skin on a beautiful beach…
  2. Eight & Bob, Sagaponack CandleI love it when you finally find a candle that works with you and your space, this is one of those candles. The scent is inspired by ‘long weekends at The Hamptons’ (something I’m yet to experience!). Eight & Bob candles are made from 100% vegetable wax and they are hand crafted, you can really tell the difference in the quality as the scent completely fills the room. This scent is like a holiday cocktail – with notes of lychee, peach & orange, your room smells fruity and sweet, with a hint of woodiness at the base. It takes you back to evening walks with a delicious ice cream!
  3. Salvatore Ferragamo, Tuscan Creations Bianco di Carrara CandleThis is the most elegant and luxurious candle I have ever seen! The beautiful golden lid, sleek and slender glass packaging, and sophisticated box just oozes indulgence. The scent takes inspiration from the ‘white Carrara marble’ that is synonymous with Italian sculpture masterpieces. It is fresh, sensual, with a hint of leather, giving it a slight warmness. This scent will transport you to the hustle and bustle of a buzzing Italian Piazza!
  4. Alex Simone, Sensuelle Room SprayA delightful room spray housed in the signature Alex Simone playful packaging. This scent takes inspiration from the French Riviera and creates a refreshing atmosphere with every spray. With notes of green tea and white musk, this scent is perfect for spritzing a room before a dinner party, transporting your guests to the South of France!
  5. Sensori +, Gayndah Orchard 4625 Air Detoxifying Mist – I had never heard of a detoxifying mist before working with this brand. The concept seems so obvious now that I have used the product – it literally does what it says on the tin! Creating a crisp, refreshing and uplifting atmosphere as soon as you spray it. Good bye negativity, hello happy place. Not only does it smell gorgeous, it also removes all of the toxins found in the air and neutralises contaminated air. Genius! This scent creates a charming memory of strolling through a citrus orchard in Gayndah, Australia –  a must have!

To discover more products from our home collection, click here.


Andrea Katsari, Marketing Manager :)

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