Today is World Chocolate Day... It's time to indulge!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether bitter and dark or smooth and sweet, most chocolate lovers would agree that chocolate really is the most addictive of treats! But what if you could indulge in all of the delights with none of the calories?

Chocolate or more specifically cacao, is used in fragrance to give a warm, spicy gourmand note, resulting in scents that are sensual, comforting and utterly delicious.

So whether you are looking for a delicate hint of the sweet stuff or a full on chocolate rush, here are a few of our favourites:

Bohoboco Perfume Coffee White Flowers

This is a rich, sensual fragrance with delicious notes of cacao, golden rum and vanilla. Perfect for a summer evening!


Nejma Le Sublime

Built around an elegant floral bouquet, this mouth-wateringly gourmand fragrance has a heart of brown sugar, caramel and dark chocolate.


Histoires de Parfum 1969

While it opens with a harmony of fruity floral notes it is the warm spicy base of Mexican chocolate, patchouli, coffee and musk that is completely irresistible!


L’Orchestre Parfum Thé Darbouka

Evoking the Sahara desert at dawn, Thé Darbouka is a sweet and spicy blend of bergamot, caraway, candied fruits, oud and cacao.




Prudence Paris No.7

No 7 is an ultra-feminine floral fragrance with a sweetly evocative dry down of patchouli, chocolate and vanilla – yum!


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