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We are so excited to be launching the brand new AB-Presents fragrance and beauty Blog!

Who are we?

AB-Presents is the new e-commerce division of our parent company, Aspects Beauty. We source our brands from across the globe to offer you the most diverse and inspiring selection of fragrance and beauty products.

What will we be talking about?

From reviews of new brands & products to our favourite ‘night out’ scents, we’ll be covering all things fragrance and beauty related and we always welcome your feedback and comments.

Who is writing the Blog?

We’re a diverse team of perfume & beauty lovers who have been working in the industry for a number of years. We’ll always sign our names at the end, so you will know who’s posting.

What else will the Blog feature? 

As well as our regular posts, we will also be sharing exclusive interviews with Brand Creators and perfumers, as well as one-to-ones with journalists, competitions and more!.

How do I sign up to regular updates?

Add your email address to our newsletter to be first to read our new posts as soon as they drop. Please also follow us on Instagram @aspectsbeautypresents


Andrea, Marketing Manager 😊


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  • catherine mcgonigal

    hi i would like to sign up to your newsletter please

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