What Fragrance Reminds You Of Your Mum?

A scent has the power to transport you to any time or place. Maybe the smell of freshly cut grass reminds you of playing in the garden as a child, or that unique Christmas Tree smell that takes you back to family festivities?
Ahead of Mother’s Day on the 27th March, the marketing team at Aspects Beauty share the fragrance they associate with their Mum.
Joanna – Head of Marketing: "As a child, I lived abroad in Brunei for a couple of years. Our family house was surrounded by lush rainforest, and I would stand on the patio with my mum to watch the tropical rain fall each evening. I remember the sweet smell of flowers in the rain, especially the scent of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine which grew in the garden. My mum’s perfect Mother’s Day perfume is Eight & Bob’s Annicke 4".

Sophie - Digital Content Executive: "Whenever I picture my Mum, I can vividly smell vanilla. It’s the scent I connect to my Mum and takes me back to being a young girl getting ready in the morning with the sweet aroma wafting through the house. And now, when she’s been looking after my dog, I can smell the faint, familiar fragrance on Bonnie’s fur. Histoires de Parfums Veni would be my Mum’s favourite fragrance".

Anna – Digital Team: "My mum is a real home fragrance fan and makes a 'B-line' to scented candles and diffusers whenever we go shopping together. She'll happily shuffle from scent to scent with her nose lowered as though she's smelling a fine wine. A large smile subconsciously appears across her face when "it's a goodie" - and I know for sure that she'd adore 'Sublime' by Alex Simone".

Tamara – Assistant Brand Manager: "My mum loves her candles. She likes anything that is aesthetically pleasing for the interior of her home and a beautiful scent is a bonus! Growing up at home she always had a collection of candles that she never lit as they were too pretty to burn. A BONA Fide candle is a perfect gift for my mum. She would love La Mystique’s woody notes".

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