Why you should try ISOCLEAN brush cleaner


When it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes, hands up if you have said the following; ‘It takes too long’, ‘they take ages to dry’, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, ‘they’ll be ok for one more day’. Is your hand up? Mine certainly is.

If you’re anything like me, cleaning your make-up brushes is something that falls to the bottom of the priority list. It’s one of those tasks that needs to be done and SHOULD be done but yet is always a job for ‘another day’. Enter ISOCLEAN, the makeup brush cleaner that will change your life. Yes…really!

We wash our face twice a day so why don’t we regularly wash our brushes? ISOCLEAN’s mantra is ‘clean brushes, clear skin’ and it makes complete sense. Studies have found that after one month of use, uncleaned makeup brushes held more bacteria than researchers could measure – and we’re happy putting this on our skin!? NO thank you!

ISOCLEAN Brush Cleaner ticks all the boxes – it’s quick drying, kills 99.9% of bacteria, prevents skin breakouts, congestion and infections AND is refillable, reducing single use plastic waste. AMAZING! It’s the sort of product you tell all of your friends about and they’ll forever thank you for it. It’s that good. Not only that, but it’s cruelty free and vegan. Did I mention it’s amazing?

Cleaning your makeup brushes has never been so quick and easy – each bottle comes with its own dip tray, all you have to do is pour the liquid in, swirl your brush around (make sure ALL of that gunk is out) et voila! Clean brush = Happy brush. Plus there’s no downtime, you can use your newly cleaned brushes straight away.

 So, what are you waiting for? Do yourself (and your skin) a favour and buy your first bottle of ISOCLEAN Brush Cleaner today.

India Smith, PR Manager

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