Winter skincare with Maege

Is your skin in a funk? Yep – mine too. What with the cold weather, the heating on full blast and the introduction of ‘maskne’, my skin is feeling VERY sorry for itself.

With Christmas just around the corner and undoubtedly many, many festive Zooms to accommodate, it’s time to get the glow back in my skin. Enter MAEGE…

You may not have heard of Maege skincare, but believe me when I say it works wonders! Little tubs… BIG results! Maege is a French skincare brand created by pharmacist Nicolas Riviere (he knows his stuff!) that uses the SDKP molecule in all of its formulations – SDKP can be found naturally in all living organisms and it works to repair damaged tissues whilst promoting the renewal and regulation of healthy skin, we like to call this natural science!

Here are my go-to products from my favourite skincare brand:

The High Concentration Anti-Aging Serum

Ok, if you only buy one Maege product, let it be this one! This silky serum has the highest concentration of SDKP in its formula, making it the hero product in the range and an absolute must. Use this stuff religiously morning and evening and you’ll see results in 14 days and by day 28 your skin will be transformed! Skin is revitalised, signs of aging are slowed, all whilst targeting damaged cells in need of some love.

The Multi-Correction Anti-Aging Cream

There are two moisturisers in the Maege Skincare range, so let’s start with this one. This cream is the lighter of the two and I prefer to use this in the morning, after using the High Concentration serum. We all know it can be touch and go with moisturisers underneath makeup but this light and absorbent cream sinks into the skin beautifully, creating the perfect base for your foundation – no pilling over here! It acts from within the skin up to its surface to restructure, stimulate and hydrate the epidermis. Sold!

The Multi-Correcting Cream Supreme

Now we have moisturiser #2! I have to say, this is my favourite of the two and it feels like a real treat every time I apply it to my skin. The formula is so rich and velvety and you can really feel the goodness seeping in and doing its job. As it’s thicker, I use this cream in the evening before bed, being especially generous in the winter months when our skin can tend to get dry and chapped. Complete with ingredients of black rose oil, wild mango butter and Limnanthes Alba seed Oil, this gorgeously thick cream is a drink for your skin! Hydration, hydration, hydration!

The Contour Anti-Aging Eye Serum

Our eye area is often neglected – but that stops now! The skin around our eyes is very fine and delicate and often needs more attention than you think. This formula combines powerful anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness agents using the SDKP peptide to directly target the deepest layers of the skin. After 14 days, your eye area will become smoother, wrinkles appear shallower and skin looks refreshed. I love to pat this around my eyes in the morning as the gel like formula has a calming, cooling effect on tired eyes. A must!


India Smith, PR Manager

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