Working from home treats!

Working from home

A year ago, working from home was a rare occurrence for most of the population and could have been considered a bit of a novelty at first for some. But, almost a year later it is part of our everyday lives in some way, shape or form.

Sometimes, working from home can be tough. Finding a suitable work station, the best location for a WiFi signal, home schooling, coupled with managing a home which has suddenly developed into a business hub.

One of the most challenging aspects of working at home is knowing when to schedule in some time to relax. Knowing when to switch off and call it a day. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your down time as well as making your home office environment a pleasant place to be, whether it be business or pleasure.

1. Candles make perfect working at home gifts. At the office, candles are potentially a health and safety issue, but at your home office, you’re the boss. 

2. With children and pets now part of your everyday working life, a diffuser can be an safer alternative to a naked flame and just as effective. 24 hour home fragrance? One more thing to cross off your to do list.

3. Ever plateaued at 2pm on a Friday afternoon, enthusiasm wavering? Room sprays instantly refresh and invigorate a space to help you sail through the rest of your working day.

4. Once you have established your own work & home life ‘fragrance’ balance, why not share your new found equilibrium with friends? Discover our work from home, home fragrance  gifts  that can help them make the most out of their (sometimes) challenging working from home environment.


Louise Ross, Head of Marketing


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