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Amouroud fragrances are born out of a very special legacy, the evolution of a custom-blending concept that has earned Perfumer’s Workshop recognition for its revolutionary ideas since its inception 45 years ago. Shimmering and dreamy, provocative and dark, light and warm, Amouroud is a collection of olfactory memories and stories, real and imaginary. Each of the fragrances in the Amouroud collection is created with the highest quality raw materials resulting in beautifully long-lasting scents that are innovative, refined and characterful. The inclusion of Oud in each of the fragrances offers unparalleled intensity and longevity.
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    Amouroud Agarwood Noir EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM166100 £166.00 £138.33 12
    Amouroud Bois d'Orient EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM167100 £166.00 £138.33 60
    Amouroud Dark Orchid EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM160100 £166.00 £138.33 11
    Amouroud Lunar Vetiver EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM200100 £175.00 £145.83 10
    Amouroud Midnight Rose EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM163100 £166.00 £138.33 12
    Amouroud Oud After Dark EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM168100 £166.00 £138.33 4
    Amouroud Oud Du Jour EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM164100 £166.00 £138.33 55
    Amouroud Safran Rare EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM161100 £166.00 £138.33 6
    Amouroud Santal Des Indes EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM162100 £166.00 £138.33 12
    Amouroud Silk Route EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM169100 £166.00 £138.33 60
    Amouroud Silver Birch EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM202100 £175.00 £145.83 12
    Amouroud Wet Stone EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM203100 £175.00 £145.83 6
    Amouroud White Hinoki EDP 100ml Vapo

    AM201100 £175.00 £145.83 8