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A family run company, the house of Berdoues has been developing perfumed creations since 1902, applying the hallowed practices of French high perfumery. A unique know-how and uncompromising approach to craftsmanship have made Berdoues pioneers in the field of colognes. Their fragrances are the result of unique know-how and uncompromising requirements and they remain a family run company with the founders’ great-granddaughter, Sophie Berdoues, at the helm. Her Grands Crus Collection opens up a brand-new olfactory palette that pays homage to the family’s extensive history. Each fragrance expresses one of the world’s regions and offers a unique interpretation of its olfactory identity by using the finest raw materials that each locality has to offer. The quality of the selected essences and their concentration levels ensure exceptional lasting power on the skin. “A perfume and a chord in music are similar in that the harmony is the result of perfect arrangement of low and high notes. A perfumer is a composer who plays with essences like a musician does with notes.” Pierre BERDOUES
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    Berdoues 1902 Lierre & Bois EDT 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900929 £25.00 £20.83 6
    Berdoues 1902 Musc & Néroli EDT 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900928 £25.00 £20.83 7
    Berdoues 1902 Pivoine & Rhubarbe EDT 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900926 £25.00 £20.83 6
    Berdoues Arz El-Rab EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900246 £80.00 £66.67 3
    Berdoues Assam Of India EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900243 £80.00 £66.67 3
    Berdoues Azur Riviera EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC901279 £80.00 £66.67 34
    Berdoues Azur Riviera EDP 10ml Vapo

    BPFC901474 £17.00 £14.17 6
    Berdoues Bondi Beach EDP 30ml Vapo

    BPFC901602 £32.00 £26.67 9
    Berdoues Bora Bora EDP 50ml Vapo

    BPFC901343 £54.00 £45.00 24
    Berdoues Calvi Beach EDP 30ml Vapo

    BPFC901600 £32.00 £26.67 9
    Berdoues Capri EDP 50ml Vapo

    BPFC901345 £54.00 £45.00 22
    Berdoues Guaria Morada EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC901599 £80.00 £66.67 6
    Berdoues Hoja De Cuba EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900786 £80.00 £66.67 13
    Berdoues Koh Phi Phi EDP 50ml Vapo

    BPFC901344 £54.00 £45.00 22
    Berdoues Maasai Mara EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900785 £80.00 £66.67 3
    Berdoues Millesime Violette EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900784 £116.00 £96.67 8
    Berdoues Oud Wa Amber EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC901341 £116.00 £96.67 33
    Berdoues Oud Wa Misk EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900466 £116.00 £96.67 4
    Berdoues Oud Wa Ward EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900464 £116.00 £96.67 3
    Berdoues Peng Lai EDP 100ml Set

    BPFC901282 £80.00 £66.67 12
    Berdoues Peng Lai EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC901134 £80.00 £66.67 14
    Berdoues Scorza Di Sicilia EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900241 £80.00 £66.67 6
    Berdoues Selva Do Brazil EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900242 £80.00 £66.67 6
    Berdoues Somei Yoshino EDP 100ml Set

    BPFC901281 £80.00 £66.67 9
    Berdoues Somei Yoshino EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900245 £80.00 £66.67 21
    Berdoues Sunrise Beach EDP 30ml Vapo

    BPFC901603 £32.00 £26.67 9
    Berdoues Vanira Moorea EDP 100ml Vapo

    BPFC900473 £80.00 £66.67 6
    Berdoues Venice Beach EDP 30ml Vapo

    BPFC901601 £32.00 £26.67 9