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Tracing its roots back to 1822, during the reign of Louis XVIII, the Parisian born Edmond Coudray had an intriguing résumé involving creating fragrances, creams and soaps for royalty in France, Italy, and England. E.Coudray is as desirable today as it was when it was first founded, offering a range of luxurious fragrance, body oils, bath creams & body creams, all taking inspiration from their infamous past. The collection offers compositions including ‘Ambre et Vanille’ & ‘Iris Rose’. From the etched glass bottles to the sensual fragrances, the charming Coudray heritage is present throughout. The longevity & sensuality of the products demonstrates the high quality of ingredients used, highlighting the level of devotion from the perfume house.
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    E.Coudray Ambre Vanille Body Oil 100ml

    EC37022 £55.00 £45.83 12
    E.Coudray Caramel Blanc Body Oil 100ml

    EC37034 £55.00 £45.83 23
    E.Coudray Caramel Blanc EDT 100ml Vapo

    EC43633 £140.00 £116.67 15
    E.Coudray Givrine Body Oil 100ml

    EC37028 £55.00 £45.83 12
    E.Coudray Givrine EDT 100ml Vapo

    EC36028 £65.00 £54.17 6
    E.Coudray Iris Rose Body Oil 100ml

    EC37029 £55.00 £45.83 8
    E.Coudray Iris Rose EDT 100ml Vapo

    EC36029 £65.00 £54.17 6
    E.Coudray Iris Rose EDT 12ml Roll On

    EC5143629 £20.00 £16.67 18
    E.Coudray Jacinthe Rose Body Oil 100ml

    EC37024 £55.00 £45.83 11
    E.Coudray Jacinthe Rose EDT 100ml Vapo

    EC36024 £65.00 £54.17 6
    E.Coudray Musc Freesia Body Oil 100ml

    EC37023 £55.00 £45.83 8
    E.Coudray Musc Freesia EDT 100ml Vapo

    EC36023 £65.00 £54.17 6
    E.Coudray Musc Freesia EDT 12ml Roll On

    EC5143623 £20.00 £16.67 6
    E.Coudray Rose Tubereuse Body Oil 100ml

    EC37033 £55.00 £45.83 21
    E.Coudray Rose Tubereuse EDT 100ml Vapo

    EC36033 £65.00 £54.17 18
    E.Coudray Vanille Coco EDT 100ml Vapo

    EC36026 £65.00 £54.17 6