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Goldfield & Banks is a tribute to the unique, lustrous and extraordinary beauty of Australia and an homage to Joseph Banks, the first naturalist. The brand celebrates the beauty and the wealth of native Australian plants, creating a luxurious collection of unisex fragrances using unexplored and unravelled plant and flower extracts, never before used in fine fragrances, blended with the world’s most precious notes. Native to the Australian outback and rich coastal areas, the fragrances are designed with unique high-quality essences and created using the highest standard of French perfumery know-how. Goldfield & Banks is a pioneer in the perfume industry, establishing itself as the first Australian label of premium perfume that equals the French quality. Each fragrance arouses the Australian dream, a treasured voyage from the dazzling and invigorating coasts, through the burning hot red desert to the endless deep scented forests. Goldfield & Banks is a quest for the ultimate ‘Made in Australia’ olfactory experience. Goldfield & Banks offers a luxurious and precious collection of unisex fragrances featuring botanicals from all over the world that are blended with the most exquisite essences extracted from native Australian seeds, gums, woods, flowers, lichens, roots, resins, leaves, pods and fruits.
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    Goldfield & Banks Blue Cypress EDP 100ml Vapo

    GBBO00301 £135.00 £112.50 6
    Goldfield & Banks Desert Rosewood EDP 100ml Vapo

    GBBO00601 £135.00 £112.50 3
    Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss EDP 100ml Vapo

    GBBO00401 £135.00 £112.50 6
    Goldfield & Banks Southern Bloom EDP 100ml Vapo

    GBBO00501 £145.00 £120.83 6
    Goldfield & Banks Velvet Splendour EDP 100ml Vapo

    GBBO00701 £135.00 £112.50 8
    Goldfield & Banks White Sandalwood EDP 100ml Vapo

    GBBO00101 £135.00 £112.50 8
    Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion EDP 100ml Vapo

    GBBO00201 £135.00 £112.50 5