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Born in Paris, L’Orchestre Parfum presents a collection of hand-crafted olfactory musical compositions. They are a new alchemy between musical instruments’ raw essence (cedarwood of a flamenco guitar, copper of a trombone) and the most beautiful perfume notes (rose, incense, leather). The collection was created by two talented perfumers and musically interpreted by five famous virtuosos.
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    L'Orchestre Cuir Kora EDP 100ml

    LO54002 £129.00 £107.50 3
    L'Orchestre Discovery Set Vol.1 6x2ml

    LO54701 £25.00 £20.83 10
    L'Orchestre Discovery Set Vol.2 6x2ml

    LO54118 £25.00 £20.83 2
    L'Orchestre Electro Limonade EDP 100ml

    LO54088 £129.00 £107.50 1
    L'Orchestre Encens Asakusa EDP 100ml

    LO54019 £129.00 £107.50 10
    L'Orchestre Flamenco Néroli EDP 100ml

    LO54033 £129.00 £107.50 4
    L'Orchestre Piano Santal EDP 100ml

    LO54064 £129.00 £107.50 5
    L'Orchestre Rose Trombone EDP 100ml

    LO54040 £129.00 £107.50 6
    L'Orchestre Thé Darbouka EDP 100ml

    LO54026 £129.00 £107.50 12