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Marie Lise Bischoff grew up just a few miles from Grasse so it is no surprise that she has fragrance in her soul. It was a trip to the East that inspired her to create the extraordinary Nejma Collection, an all-encompassing olfactory experience based on a captivating story concerning the character Nejma, who represents fate or coincidence and whose name means ‘a good star’ in Arabic. She is captured to be sold as a slave but the man who buys her ends up falling in love with her; he is spellbound by her sweetness and the natural perfume of her body. Their union produced seven daughters, each as beautiful as the last, who were the inspiration behind the seven perfumes in the Heritage Collection. Each fragrance is made with diverse ingredients but always has oud as the base. 
Following the success of the Heritage Collection, the brand evolved in several directions including a gourmand (White) collection and an exquisite collection of Extraits de Parfum.
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    Nejma 1 EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE40041 £162.00 £135.00 12
    Nejma 1 Extrait 50ml Vapo

    NE47002 £350.00 £291.67 12
    Nejma 2 EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE40058 £162.00 £135.00 11
    Nejma 2 Extrait 50ml Vapo

    NE47101 £350.00 £291.67 12
    Nejma 3 EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE40034 £162.00 £135.00 23
    Nejma 3 Extrait 50ml Vapo

    NE47156 £350.00 £291.67 12
    Nejma 4 EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE40102 £162.00 £135.00 12
    Nejma 4 Extrait 50ml Vapo

    NE72004 £350.00 £291.67 12
    Nejma 5 Extrait 50ml Vapo

    NE72509 £350.00 £291.67 12
    Nejma 6 EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE40010 £162.00 £135.00 12
    Nejma 6 Extrait 50ml Vapo

    NE73001 £350.00 £291.67 12
    Nejma 7 EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE40119 £162.00 £135.00 6
    Nejma 7 EDP 10ml Roller Ball

    NE40935 £45.00 £37.50 1
    Nejma Body Lotion 200ml

    NE40928 £70.00 £58.33 10
    Nejma Bois De Oud Extrait 50ml

    NE40195 £505.00 £420.83 3
    Nejma Le Delicieux EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE40447 £215.00 £179.17 4
    Nejma Le Fabuleux EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE41154 £215.00 £179.17 12
    Nejma Le Merveilleux EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE41000 £215.00 £179.17 12
    Nejma Le Mysterieux EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE41451 £215.00 £179.17 12
    Nejma Le Sublime EDP 100ml Vapo

    NE40959 £215.00 £179.17 60