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Meant to create a desire that someone could not resist, formulas for love potions have been secretly preserved since ancient times, giving rise to centuries-old legends. By the 19th century, these aphrodisiac recipes were meticulously recorded in pharmaceutical books, some of which were rediscovered in 2016 by Sous Le Manteau and used to create a collection of five unisex perfumes. Modernised by perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer, these authentic 19th century love potions are made in France, ensuring excellence in every detail. Each perfume comes in a box decorated with a caryatid or an atlas that were both photographed in Paris, the city of love, and each box contains a ceramic medallion, made in Limoges, to be worn as jewellery or placed under the pillow of the one you want to seduce. . .  Which seductive fragrance is right for you? 
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    Sous Le Manteau Cuir D'Orient EDP 100ml Vapo

    SLSLMCO100 £150.00 £125.00 4
    Sous Le Manteau Essence Du Serail EDP 100ml Vapo

    SLSLMES100 £150.00 £125.00 12
    Sous Le Manteau Fontaine Royale EDP 100ml Vapo

    SLSLMFR100 £150.00 £125.00 10
    Sous Le Manteau Poudre Imperiale EDP 100ml Vapo

    SLSLMPI100 £150.00 £125.00 12
    Sous Le Manteau Vapeurs Diablotines EDP 100ml Vapo

    SLSLMVD100 £150.00 £125.00 10