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Blending the cultures, traditions and heady aromas of both the East and West, the past and the present, UAE-based Widian takes Arabian perfumery above and beyond the expected. Widian, created in 2014, is a perfume house founded by Ali Aljaberi in Abu Dhabi – the modern metropolis with a rich heritage and cultural capital of the emirates. Each Widian fragrance skilfully masters the olfactory reunion between the East and the West, the rich spices and delicate blossoms, the bold and the ephemeral. These fragrances are an invitation to follow the legendary Silk Road Route, evoking the sensorial memories of each civilisation it passes on its voyage. Widian, which means valley in Arabic, has a strong symbolic heritage rooted in Middle Eastern culture. Widian is a mystical place set in the peaceful expanses of the vast desert, a meeting place on the ancient trade routes. Rooted in this tradition, the contemporary look and evocative range of fragrances make this a thoroughly modern collection available in a striking palette of Black, Gold, Velvet Red, and Sapphire." After "...the legendary Silk Road", just needs the word 'route' to have a small 'r', or even to be left out altogether.
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    Widian Black I EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505015 £175.00 £145.83 12
    Widian Black II EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505022 £215.00 £179.17 12
    Widian Black III EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505053 £175.00 £145.83 12
    Widian Black IV EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505077 £215.00 £179.17 12
    Widian Black V EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505152 £175.00 £145.83 11
    Widian Gold II Sahara EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505114 £225.00 £187.50 11
    Widian London EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505244 £215.00 £179.17 10
    Widian New York EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505329 £215.00 £179.17 9
    Widian Velvet Delma EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505220 £215.00 £179.17 12
    Widian Velvet Hili EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505268 £215.00 £179.17 12
    Widian Velvet Liwa EDP 50ml Vapo

    WA505206 £215.00 £179.17 3