Atkinsons  Fashion Decree 100ml EDT
Atkinsons  Fashion Decree 100ml EDT

Atkinsons Fashion Decree 100ml EDT

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A languorous scent redolent of a cargo of Asian silk brocades, steamship-bound for London, carefully packed in patchouli leaves, Fashion Decree eau de toilette is a re-creation of the fragrance that seduced the most dazzling fashionistas of the late 19th-century, among them, Sarah Bernhardt. Created by perfumer Karine Dubreuil, it summons up a time when precious silk brocades, arriving from the Far East in trunks packed with patchouli leaves, were all the rage at the court of Queen Victoria.

An opulent patchouli perfume of far-flung origins, designed for exquisitely dressed women with a passion for luxury, the silky canvas starts out with top notes of pink pepper and Chinese magnolia that give way to a heart of rich, velvety Moroccan rose and iris. An Indonesian patchouli with dark, deep, woody aspects combines with benzoin in the dry-down to round out this quite mesmerising fragrance.

Top Notes Albitius Silk Heart Notes Indonesian Patchouli Base Notes Benzoin
Use one or two sprays around your neck and on your pulse points (areas where the body is warmer, such as the wrists, ankles, inside the elbows and behind the knees) from a minimum distance of 6 inches, then allow to dry without rubbing.

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