BONA Fide Sabine Lacquered Candle 1450g
BONA Fide Sabine Lacquered Candle 1450g

BONA Fide Sabine Lacquered Candle 1450g

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Sabine in sea green is an unscented candle in the BONA Fide Les Parfaites collection. Much more than just candles, they are handmade, decorative designer objects, chic and refined and a little bit vintage. They can adapt, tone on tone or in contrast, to all home interiors whether classic or modern.

Beautifully made by Italian wax craftsmen with almost 200 years of history, the candles are moulded like cakes and are almost spherical, just with a flattened base for stability. Each candle is immersed in a colour bath then air dried for 24 hours before being soaked in a bath of natural, cellulose-based lacquer which gives it an incredibly hypnotic ultra-shiny appearance. After 6 days of drying, they are ready to be packed and shipped out to brighten up your home. Each 1.45kg candle has a non-slip pad on the underside to protect your furniture and they burn within the lacquered shell, meaning no running wax or stains.

The candles give over 120 hours of burn time and there are three colour ranges from which to choose, Classic, Pastel and Neon, meaning there is a colour to fit every home interior.

The first "burn" should be long enough to allow the wax to melt to the edge of the porcelain, until a "bath" is formed around the wick. This step, depending on the wax and perfume combinations, takes an average of 1 hour 30 minutes. This candle gives over 120 hours of burn time

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