Glam Wax Marshmallow Bubble Bath 250ml

Glam Wax Marshmallow Bubble Bath 250ml

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This Marshmallow bubble bath will fill your bathroom with a beautiful scent while you enjoy a bubble-licious soak in the tub! There is nothing more delectable than a perfect pillow-like marshmallow treat. Soft, squidgy and full of sugary deliciousness.

This bubble bath mirrors the tasty treat we all know and love, with creamy vanilla notes combined with sugar, that will make you feel all smiley and wonderful as you relax in the tub!

Top Notes Vanilla, Sugar

Fill your bath with warm water or to a temperature of your liking

Pop the lid and squeeze out the desired amount into running water

Sit back and enjoy the release of aroma and watch your bath fill with bubbles

Please note this product should be kept away from eyes, mouth and broken skin.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use

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